Jim Casabella

Media Technology Consultant

Jim Casabella started his career in technology, programming main frame computers to target submarine launched ballistic missiles during the Cold War. After a career in submarines, he left the Navy and was immediately hired by KGO-TV. Casabella eventually worked his way up to being KGO’s chief engineer. During his tenure, KGO was an early adopter of technology, from camera robotics to newsroom computers and automation, to eventually becoming one of the first stations to completely convert to video servers and non-linear editing. In 2001, KGO was recognized with an Emmy.

Casabella spent the last 17 years of his career at ABC as the director of advanced technology for the ABC-Owned Stations Group where he was responsible for all capital spending and for setting the strategic technical direction for the ABC stations group. During this time, the ABC stations were all early adopters in video server technology, control room automation deployment, automated satellite truck deployment, and bonded cellular acquisition.

During this time, Casabella also held the position of chairman of the Media Asset Management Workgroup for The Walt Disney Company. This group was responsible for developing the strategy for the transition to file-based workflows to exchange and manage content within the 480 Disney business units.

Casabella has been awarded numerous patents for his work at The Walt Disney Company regarding enterprise media asset management and for his participation in developing Disney’s OTT solution for IP delivery of content.

Casabella is now the president of The Jim Casabella Consulting Group. He specializes in helping media vendors, stations, and networks with important business and technical decisions. He also helps with planning and managing major projects and product releases.

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